Transmission Repair Made Easy

Rebuilt Automobile Transmissions In Honolulu

Why purchase a new transmission when you don’t have to? Our knowledgeable technicians and servicemen are capable of transmission repair and transmission rebuilding, saving you from purchasing a new transmission unnecessarily. Put your vehicle in a position to go farther when you bring your car to us.

New transmission and gear box ready to be repaired by Island Transmissions

We Restore Your Hardworking Systems

  • Rid your vehicle's computer system of bad data with expert reprogramming from certified mechanics.
  • Extend the life of your vehicle with like-new rebuilt transmission systems.
  • Cost-effective repairs for leaks, slippage, or solenoid problems.
  • Choose peace of mind and receive warranties on all work performed.
  • Drive confidentally behind quality used parts.

Learn more about the services we offer and take advantage of our free estimate by contacting us at (808) 843-2886.