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Transmission Repair services In Honolulu

If you’re experiencing rough shifts, delayed engagement, or fluid leaks, those are all signs that your transmission may be going bad. Get the leak repairs and computerized transmission diagnostics you need by visiting Island Transmissions. We’ll go above and beyond to fix transmission slippage issues and get you back on the road.

Automobile parts on the work bench at Island Transmissions

Experience the Island Transmissions Difference for Yourself 

  Save on costly transmission leak repairs and clutch replacement services with the help of Island Transmissions. Our ASE-certified technicians are known for our superior work and dedication to great customer service.

  Ask about our computerized transmission diagnostics to determine what’s happening with your vehicle. We’ll offer solutions to the problem and provide an estimate for those services.

   Don’t ignore that transmission warning light on the dashboard. Addressing the problem right away could prevent the need for more costly transmission repairs down the line.

   Rest assured that we’ll repair solenoid problems and offer leak repairs for any make and model of automobile. Regardless of whether you have an automatic or manual, trust us to repair your gearbox quickly and efficiently.

   Take peace of mind knowing all of our technicians have passed thorough background checks and are subject to random drug testing. This means only the best mechanics will be handling your transmission repairs.  

Don’t drive if you’re experiencing transmission slippage or solenoid problems. To receive a free estimate, call us at (808) 843-2886.