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Transmission Repair & Rebuild Team In Honolulu

Not only do we have the best technicians, high-quality parts, and professional-grade equipment, we offer our services to you at a competitive price. If you’re not fixing your transmission at Island Transmissions LLC then you might be paying too much!

Our Services

Save on transmission repairs. We help repair and rebuild your transmission systems.

Rebuilt Transmissions

Salvage your damaged transmission with exceptional rebuilding services.

Vehicles in the shop ready for repair by Island Transmissions

About Island Transmissions

Whether you’re taking your children to school, driving to work, or just running errands, having a dependable car requires expert maintenance—especially when it comes to your transmission. Save yourself from costly transmission repairs and total transmission failure by bringing your vehicle to us at Island Transmissions in Honolulu, HI. 

For more than 20 years, we’ve provided expert auto maintenance and transmission repair services for Honolulu residents, treating each job with care to ensure your vehicle returns to the road in the best shape possible. Whether your transmission slips between gears or you need quality brake repair, we have the experience, tools, and technicians necessary to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Our shop is equipped with professional-grade lifts and rebuilt parts, and we’re locally owned and operated, employing only ASE-certified technicians. 

When you notice your car slipping between gears, leaking fluid, or your service engine light is on, call the best transmission repair shop in all of Honolulu County. Make sure to ask for a free estimate on repair costs, giving you more flexibility in choosing your repair shop. 

Island Transmissions is ASE certified